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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 5, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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week. we have the breakdown of today's plans to make sure students stay safe. mornings on 2 starts now. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here on mornings on 2. monday morning. >> yes. >> march 5th i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about monday weather. steve paulson over here. >> it's nice, wayet, calm. >> quite different from last week. >> yes, true, true, but we will see if there's rain but it looks like a beautiful day. lots of sunshine. pretty active day friday, saturday and then the fair weather q's on sunday but it's clear and cold this morning. 28 up in lakeport. a lot of 30s. napa airport is at 32. even san jose is 38. and to the north 20s. 31 occidental and 30s on the coast. novato is p 32. the days are longer. there's not much of a breeze. that's a slight offshore
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breeze. next system is not going to make an impact until maybe wednesday. so today looks good. there's the northeast northeast, so a little offshore push. not a big deal but it will make for a nice day by the coast. rain in the forecast? yes. but it's coming from the west southwest direction later in the week and look at that. looks pretty good for the next seven days. more on that coming up in 10 minutes or so. 50s low of 0s mainly. 4:01 on a monday morning and here's mr. sal cas neighedda. >> thank you very much. >> any time. here we are traffic is off to a nice start on this monday morning. let's go to thalitia mont pass and you will see traffic is looking good. driving into the pass it continues to move well to livermore and pleasantton and hay -- police annon and hay dr pleasanton and hayward. traffic -- pleasanton and hayward. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it's light.
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so off to a good start on a monday. 4:01 now back to the desk san francisco police look for suspend oakland raiders linebacker aldon smith to can he him by a domestic violence incident the investigators with the sap fran police special -- san francisco special police victims unit want police to contact him after a incident near union scare on bush streets a woman who manages the building across the street says she saw a woman around 8:30 saturday night believed to be aldon smith's fiancee escorted from the building. >> well, a few minutes later, they came out with some girl and put her into the police car. and i mean that was about it. >> aldon smith left before police arrived. now the police want to talk to him and any possible witnesses to the incident.myth's problems -- smith's problems with the law started when he waswith the 49ers. he was arrested on suspicion of 2013 in san jose.
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in 2014 he was suspend for violating the substance abuse policy. following his third dui arrest in 2015, he was released about the i -- by the 49ers and picked up by the raiders and played 9 games before he was suspended by the nfl for a hit- and-run in august of 2015. in february of 2017, smith was investigated for alleged domestic assault. and in march of 2017, san francisco police detained him for public intoxication. he was not charged in that case. well with, a murder suspect from the bay area was arrested in reno. the fbi had been looking for 22- year-old cardwell waters since august. investigators say he is part of a richmond gang that is linked to several killings and a number of violent home invasion robberies. one of the people they are accused of killing is 18-year- old nicum par teen -- martine hose was shot more than 50 times in september 2016. 7 other gang members were
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arrested in august. parents at rooftop elementary school in san francisco are worried about children's safety after a threat was made against the school. san francisco unified cool district said an e-mail alert to parents and teachers saying an adult threatened rooftop elementary school on burnett avenue last tuesday. no details yet from the police, but school district officials say the school principal and the school secretary were threatened. students were put on lock downright after that threat was received. the suspect was arrested tuesday evening. reportedly the suspect was released on bail yesterday but that's not confirmed yet. there will be police patrols today at rooftop school and at school district offices. the chp is investigating a shooting after a wounded man was found walking on interstate 880 in oakland last night. the chp says the incident started as a crash on 880 near the oakland coliseum at about 6:00 last night. when chp officers arrived on the scene, they found one car
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abandoned on the shoulder. chp says some people driving on 880 saw a man who had been shot walking along the freeway. now they picked up the man and flagged down oakland police who took the man to the hospital. it's not clear what led up to that shooting. our time 14:0 -- is 4:05. a woman and dog rescued from cliff in san francisco are safe and uninjured this morning. it happened when fear fighters say the dog chased a ball over a -- firefighters say a dog chased a ball over a cliff. the owner chased after the dog and became trapped herself. firefighters rescued them bothabout an hour later. president trump continues to fight term oil within the inner circle and now family. this comes after a security clearance was pulled from his son-in-law and adviser jared kushner. doug joins us from washington, d.c. where that inner circle term oil could be on full
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display today. doug. >> reporter: good morning. well, ivanka trump and her husband came to washington with the big splash and members of the president's immediate family, the closest of the advisers now the roles are in question at a critical time. president trump's inner circle is growing tighter by the day. and what once seemed to be unbreakable white house bonds between the president and first daughter ivanka and son-in-law jared kushner are weakening. >> questions about with jared cur kushner have unsettled that dynamic of family and trust that is so important for any president to have. >> reporter: kushner whose portfolio includes spotting a new way forward for mideast peace should be front and center with benjamin netanyahu visiting the white house. but he faces new questions about his family's business interests and security clearance was recently downgraded. some who have been close to trump saw the potential for these kinds of problems. >> not because they weren't competent or qualified or the president didn't trust them.
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but because when circumstances come up the president couldn't have been aware of. and a normal situation you might terminate a staff member for that reason, comes a lot more difficult if you are sitting at thanksgiving dinner with the person. >> reporter: we are talking about family here. and for a president who has said to value loyalty above all else, that can be a big factor. and the typical revolving white house door may not necessarily apply. >> it was a little more complicated because everyone had access and there was less of a lines of authority in place. but i think over time, they found a much better place. >> reporter: well, trump is not the first president to rely on family members for help. he's also not the first president no doubt to learn that sometimes things get complicated quickly when you do that. pam. >> orbs, okay. and doug, and is there a chance the president's son-in-law could lose his standing within the administration at this
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point? >> reporter: well, think there's questions as to whether that happened. because of losing that clearance and given just how big his portfolio initially was we used to think members of the inner family were kind of immuned to the turnover we have seen within the administration, but maybe not. >> all right. doug lieu disaid stater from washington thank -- lieu say ther from washington -- lieu stater from -- lieu seder from washington thank you. from no snow to a winter wonderland. we will show you what it's like there now as another snow pack survey is scheduled later today. stopping election meddling a scathing new report calls out the state department for doing nothing to stop manipulation from the mid-term elections this fall. ll. >> good morning. we are off to a nice start. when it comes to the morning commute, and here we are on 80 westbound. looks pretty good heading out to the maze. >> and our weather looks pretty good today. it will be sunny, nice after a pretty much wild couple of days
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there but a lot calmer today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. president trumpp taking to twitter this morning -- trump taking to twitter this morning to say what it would take to lift new tariffs on american goods. he said we have large trade deficits with mexico and canada. nafta which is underrenegotiation right now has been a bad deal for the u.s. massive relocation of companies and jobs. tariffs on steel and aluminium will come off if new and fair
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nafta agreement is signed. that's from the president. our time is 4:11a new report says the state department is not received any of the 120 million dollars it was granted to fight russian election meddling. "the new york times" says a hiring freeze at the state department has slowed the recruiting of computer experts needed to track russian hacking. also the report says none of the analysts working now to counter the efforts speak russian. part of the problem is the money granted to the state department has not arrived yet. the state department missed a key deadline last year to get that money and needed to wait until a budget was approved last month to begin the process again. 40 million dollars is in the process of being transferred to the state department. but it won't be available to spend until april. the aclu launched a new ad campaign aimed at trying to get action in washington on the daca program. the future of hundreds of thousands of young people who were brought illegally to the u.s. as children is still in
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limbo. the president trump chose to end daca and gave congress until today to make the protections permanent. but two federal courts blocked the program from being terminated. last week, the u.s. supreme court rejected the trump administration's attempt to by- pass the federal appeals court and go to the supreme court. the aclu plans to use digital and television advertising as well as local protests and targeting messages. it's 4:13. israeli prime minister bens min knit net is -- mense minimum -- benjamin netanyahu is peteing with the president -- is meeting with president trump. they are considering whether to put netanyahu on trial for corruption. the prime minister called it a witch hunt. before leaving israel, netanyahu said he will talk with president trump about middle east aggression in syria and other countries. netanyahu also says he will try to get support to revise the 2015 nuclear deal with iran. also today, the president of south korea is sending a top
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level delegation to the capital of north korea for peace talks. the 10-member group will focus on relations between the two countries, hoping to establish conditions for a u.s. north korean dialogue. after the meeting in the north, the delegation will go to washington to try to work out a visit and negotiations between north korea and washington. president trump's comments over the weekend praising china's plans to scrap term limits continues to draw criticism. the president told republican donors on saturday that he thinks it's great china's president could now hold office for life. and said maybe the u.s. will do the same someday. it's not clear if the president was making the comment in jest but they were reportedly met with laughter and applause. south bay congressman was not laughing. he took to twitter to blast the president. his tweet reads in part, "i have refrained from just being antitrump. but whether this was a joke or
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not, talking about being president for life is the most unamerican sentiment expressed by an american president. george washington would roll over in his grave. eye ." time is 4:15. we will get you to where you need to go this morning. sal, i saw you as you walked in. good morning. good morning, dave, here we are, pam. >> good morning. >> all right. monday. >> monday. maybe it's not as, you know, optimistic as friday but hey, here we are. >> there you go. >> good morning, everyone. northbound 101 looks pretty good. we will start there in gilroy and do the gilroy super commute. morgan hill, san jose and a lot of people coming in from this area, people are driving in and there have been no make problems. highway 17 looks pretty good into the valley. and there's 280 northbound get off highway 17. that looks very nice. so we are off to a very good start at the bay bridge. not a lot of crowding at all. it's 4:15 obviously. but still, it's light as you drive into san francisco.
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so i would say we are off to a good start. 4:15, let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. wet get to it. we have a had lot going on last thursday and friday and saturday and sunday things called down and today it will be nicer. but look at the snow. there were some areas with 76 inhe pes of snow. 3 to 5 feet some of the higher elevations so, i would say we are off to a very, very good start in making fop arlot of lost teem -- making up for a lot of lost times. -- time. stay way hyped on the water. but santa rosa is 5%. oakland 60. and san ohi -- jose at 54. there are signs that maybe more rain is coming in the next 10 to 15 days. at least the forecast models are painting a pretty good picture on the precip. 20s, 30s not today. 32 at napa airport. 20s for some to the north. low 30s novato is 32.
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vallejo is sleeping in. occidental 31 and close for a lot of others. for the breeze a. slight offshore breeze. lots of sunshine today. if there's patchy fog, it won't last long. tomorrow looks like a nice day but the offshore breeze will help those by the coast. it looks like the system will work in wednesday. the cold is getting pushed out over the course of the week. it will be warmer today and into tomorrow. we will bump up upper 60s. if it's not wednesday it will be early thursday. looks like rain. this appears to be mainly north but we will fine-tune that getting closer. not a lot but a little coming in and more over the weekend. looks pretty good. but they are warmer systems not colder. so snow level will go way up. 60s on the temps. a few mid-50s. everyone is close here. but tomorrow we will warm it up and more so on wednesday. rain could come in late wednesday, more likely thursday. and then a lot of show not much going until the weekend.
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looks like more rain is on the way sunday. >> we still need more. >> yes, we do. >> thank you, steve. 4:18 is the time. today is the 8th day of no school in west virginia due to a teacher's stress. >> comes after state lawmakers voted against a 5% pay raise for teachers. they negotiated with the republican governor. that inability to reach a deal is affecting 277,000 students who have been out of school since february 22nd. salaries for teachers in west virginia start at about 33,000 dollars. it's among the lowest in the country. >> i think we have surpassed the point of conversations and i he don't think that there's anything the legislators have provided us to give us any sort of hope they will take actual actions this time. >> there appears to be some support among lawmakers for a 4% salary increase. the governor said in a series of tweets that he stands by the 5% increase. our time is 4:18.
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from basketball mvp to winningan oscar? we will tell you more about the big win for that guy. kobe bryant at the academyawards. >> a new car or 100,000 dollar bonus. the changes to united airlines policy that has workers upset.
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some people hide their cash in a fake book welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:21.
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amazon will soon stop selling products from nest. they will not sell the smart thermostat once the current stock runs out. the report also says that amazon refused to sell the newest products and as a result, nest decided amazon will not be able to sell any of its products. the reason for the decision is unclear. but some analysts say it may be due to the ongoing feud between amazon and google. google acquired nest last month. toyota plans to invest nearly 3 billion dollars in a new business devoted to self- driving car technology. toyota research institute advanced developments will start with about 300 employees and it's expected to grow to a thousand. the automaker is pushing to get self-driving cars on the market as soon as -- self-driving cars on the market as soon as possible. they have a self-imposed dead lipe for 2020. time is 4:22. google reportedly is close to finalizing a deal to expand the offices in new york city.
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the 2.4 billion dollar deal will add to the large campus in new york. the google expansion comes as other tech companies including amazon, facebook, spotify, they are growing in manhattan. still no comments from google on the reports. united airlines is scrapping the traditional bonus system and replacing it with with a lottery drawing. if united meets the goals, all employees would have a chance to win prizes including a car and cash up to 100,000 dollars. according to the new lottery system, only about 1.6% of employees would win a prize. to qualify for the lottery, employees must have perfect attendance for the whole year which means no sick days. would reach out -- we reached out to some united employees and they say they are against the idea. time is 4:23. we are learning this morning instagram may launch voice and video calling services. analyst say files within the instagram app packages reveal
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they have been work on this for a -- working on this for a while. no word on when or if they will launch the video and voice calling service. a new restaurant dedicated to the love of french fries is coming to the bay area. hashtag get fried fry cafe opens today in santa clara near levi stadium. they only sell french fries. you have the option to get different styles and toppings on your fries, it will be the restaurant's first california location. they have others in texas and new york. nothing but fries. you are in. >> i am in. >> you need to do research for us and let us know. >> both hands. with a napkin. time is 4:24. former first lady michelle obama will come to the bay area later this month. how much money she could make from her stop at orangeel arena -- oracle arena. >> college living for working professionals. thousands are planning to move into dorm rooms for adults in san francisco.
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>> good morning. we could see traffic is moving along well. if you are driving on the golden gate bridge heading south. >> well, one more cold day. that's today. and then it looks like the pattern will change to a warmer one. doesn't moon we won't get rain. i will have more on that but it's chilly up in south lake tahoe. 2 below. that's the wind chill.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> well today the state water experts will take the third snow survey of the season up in the sierra. they are expecting a big change from the first two surveys when there was 14 inches of snow near echo summit in eldorado county. as we saw last week, many ski resorts in the sierra are reporting more than 7 feet of new snow just in the past week. it's good news for water supply. but about 2 feet of the snow fell at the boreo skiers and
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borders flooded the resort totake advantage of the condition. some say it's the best snow in years. official warn the highways leading to the resorts were crowded this weekend. there were several avalanches and avalanche warnings, but people made it up and plenty people got it up there wonderful snow. powder, head up if you can. >> good. all right, pam. it's 4:28. good morning thanks for joining us on mornings on 2. monday march 5th. i am dave clark. >> good morning. i am pam cook. thanks for waking up with us. 4:28 is the time. and such a different forecast this week. >> it's a big difference. >> right. >> we will take a break and more rain it sounds like. >> wednesday and again on the weekend. but warmer. >> yeah. >> not cold. so. snow level will go up. as you heard, it's very good and there were areas with 5 feet and much needed as you know. even the rain here was welcomed. it was pretty exciting actually friday, saturday. a lot calmer sunday. but looking very good up in the mountains right now. we need it. and there's probably more on
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the way. it's cold this morning. one more cold morning and then it looks like we will see warmer temps coming in here. but around the bay, 37, 42. inland areas 28 to 36. and some patchy frost in there. and then after this, this looks like temperatures will come back up in the 40s for many. 20s, 30s for many or 40s. 28 up in lakeport and there's cold readings. we are running cooler than yesterday. minus 4 for fairfield. minus 4 for livermore compared to this time yesterday. if it feels colder, it is. otherwise lots of sunshine a few high clouds tomorrow and the next system works its way in wednesday. so today looks good. warmer temperatures bumping up upper 60s. might see 70s to the south. but more clouds and rain to the north. looks like starts to drag acrossus on wednesday and decent precip later in the week into the weekend. not bad here. but this is coming in more from the west southwest. more on that in about 10 minutes. today's highs in the 60s. if here's sal just about 4:30. and we are not looking bad. >> thank you.
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harrods to look good at 4:30 in the morning. you mean the traffic. >> the traffic. yeah. >> excuse me. >> u like the suit and tie combo. >> thank you very much. it's hart to do. >> westbound 80 looks pretty good. yes, we are looking pretty good on the roads. vacaville fairfield have a layo moth a -- not a bad commute. no -- commute. no major problems. and getting on the car keenous bridge and driving to the maze it is taking a little bit. traffic is moving along all right. this is highway 24. and westbound you can see traffic is moving along relatively well. no major problems there. and this is the bay bridge, you can see it there traffic is looking good. and at the toll plaza there's not much of a delay. it's 4:30. let's go back to the desk police in vacaville want help to identify two suspected car thieves. on february 16th, two men stole at least one car from theapartment complex on crestant drive near vaca valley parkway and interstate


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